Leadership in Counter Terrorism Alumni Association
Leadership in Counter Terrorism Alumni Association

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At PwC, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. In our increasingly complex world, we work with businesses, government and the community to deliver solutions and sustained outcomes. 


We work with police and agencies globally to support them shoulder-to-shoulder to reform themselves, while they protect the public. We’ve been a proud partner of the LinCT community for more than 5 years continuously. We have worked deeply in the UK and Australia with Counter Terrorism Commands, and have supported on wider policing, intelligence and crisis management priorities in all five eyes and like-mind countries.


The future is where humans meet digital. It’s all about how culture and human ingenuity combines with technology, innovation and experience to deliver better outcomes. Here are our thoughts on the future of policing and how agencies get there:


Staying ahead of the threat Capabilities-driven strategy for law enforcement

Policing Networked World

Future-proof: Future-ready Global Perspectives on the Future of Policing (Middle East) 

Rethinking national security in the wake of COVID-19

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