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Dates for Torontoconference 2019 set 30th April - 2nd May.

UK LinCT Alumni Event 19th/20th March

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Secured Communications is the preferred communications platform for the LinCT Community.


Enabling Direct and Group messaging, Audio/video calls and file sharing all through a secure encrypted Global Secured Network.


The SC App is available on Apple or Android devices and has desktop web based version. Please use website contact if you are a LinCT-AA member and would like to use SC.


To find out more: www.securedcommunications.com

Fivecast® Insight and Discovery are powerful open-source data collection and analysis platforms that combine to deliver insights 
from vast quantities of unstructured, multimedia data. Purpose-built
 to address the 

highest priority use cases in the national security, law enforcement and defence markets, Fivecast® has been proven to deliver real value through increased productivity and actionable insights. 


Fivecast® Insight provides the ability to understand the content and behavior of an entity or a network of connected entities. Analysts need a detailed understanding of an online entity to answer key questions: What content have they posted online? What narratives are they engaging with? How is the entity's behaviour changing over time? The sophisticated detectors, machine learning and analytical tools provided with Fivecast® Insight have the ability for deep-detection of  factors of interest, visualisation so content and measurement of changes over time.


Fivecast® Discovery provides the ability thematic analysis of population-level open source information. Advanced geo-tagging and deep-learning techniques provide analysts with early indicators and warnings to understand engagement with specific narratives, detect the emergence of new topics and even the ability to predict future events.



“Chenega Europe (CE) is a subsidiary of Chenega Corporation, the most successful Alaska Native Corporation to compete in the US Federal DOD market space. CE delivers accredited training programs to law enforcement and security agencies in four key areas: intelligence, investigation, firearms / close protection and specialist police.


In partnership with Ulster University, CE offers online qualifications in cyber security, open source intelligence, social media intelligence and dark web. All training and courses are designed and implemented by our Subject Matter Experts from the Intelligence, Cyber Security, Military, Covert and General Policing fraternity.


CE also provides a Holistic Security Management Solution aimed at putting organisations and governments ahead of the threat. Specialists drawn from military and law enforcement sectors provide security and technical engineering consultancy to deliver risk mitigation solutions, using a combination of Chenega technology and services into a single command and control platform.


For more information, visit us on www.chenegaeurope.com “


CENTRIC is a multi-disciplinary and end-user focused research network, located within the Cultural, Communication and Computing Research Institute (C3RI) at Sheffield Hallam University. The global reach of the CENTRIC network now links both academic and professional expertise across a range of disciplines providing unique opportunities to progress ground-breaking research.

The strategic aim of CENTRIC is to facilitate the triangulation between the four key stakeholders in the security domain; 
• Government 
• Academia 
• Public
• Private industry

The mission of CENTRIC is to provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, policy makers and the public to focus on applied research in the Security domain.

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