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Associate Members


Associate members are individuals who are LinCT graduates, were employed by government agency, but are no longer employed by the government. To be considered an Associate Member for purposes of participation in the affairs and activities of the Association, the Associate Member must be current in the payment of their membership dues, have been approved for membership, and must have signed a LinCT AA Non-disclosure Agreement on file

Below are those Associate members who have given authorisation to be listed... hyperlinks to their professional profiles are available by clicking on the names

Terri Nicholson Former Assistant Chief Constable Deputy Senior National Coordinator CT, UK

President 2017-2018

Rich Stanek Former Sheriff of Hennepin County, Minnesota

President 2015 - 2016

Rod Knecht  Former Chief of Police, Edmonton Police Service

President 2014-2015

Peter Dein APM LLB

Former Assistant Commissioner NSW Police

President 2013-2014

Rob Delaney Former Attorney Generals Office, Australia

President 2011-2012

Mike Downing Former Deputy Chief Los Angeles Police Department

President 2010-2011

Sue O'Sullivan BA, Former Deputy Chief, Ottowa Police

President 2009-2010

John D Parkinson OBE, MSt.(Cantab), CMgr, CCMI, CIMS, FRSA, FCMI.

Former Chief Constable West Yorkshire Police

President 2008-2009

Steven M Martinez BA, MA Former Assistant Director, FBI

Tony Fuller Former Commander, Metropolitan Police

President 2007

Tony Mole Former Detective Chief Superintendent, NWCTU

Matt Sawers QPM Former Detective Chief Superintendent WMCTU

Mike Haley Previously Washoe County Sheriff

John Marshall Former Detective Chief Superintendent Scotland CTU

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