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Leadership in Counter Terrorism Alumni Association

Our 2024 Conference in Toronto was exceptional.  Visit this site soon to see when you can register for the next LinCT-AA Conference.

If you would like to learn more about our host city of Toronto, please click the link below. 


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Las Vegas 2023

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) and Leadership in Counter Terrorism Alumni Association (LINCT-AA) are hosting the first ever LVMPD and LINCT-AA International Counterterrorism Conference. This highly anticipated event, which was initially scheduled for 2020, is back on track for May 2023. 


The challenges we faced in the past several years have been extraordinary. An unforeseen and unimaginable global pandemic rocked the stability of our world. Spikes in crime, disorder, and civil unrest followed in most major cities and the threat from mass attacks and terrorism remained as persistent as ever. Now, on the horizon, the threat picture for 2023 has only become more complex as we navigate the issues caused by global migration, job-disrupting technologies, societal fragmentation, information operations, and the unremitting threat from violent extremists and terrorists.


These are the reasons why we must have the courage to continue—the courage to persevere and prevail beyond measure. In May 2023, we intend to demonstrate the importance of this philosophy as we host 600 of the world’s leading counterterrorism professionals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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